SAHAYATRA is committed to alleviating poverty through the provision of enhanced access to microfinance to members of previously excluded/deprived communities in general and women in particular. Our specific objectives are to:

  • » Promote skills/knowledge enhancement activities aimed at developing member entrepreneurship;
  • » Expand outreach of microfinance services to disadvantaged/vulnerable communities and migrant women;
  • » Create a supportive environment for to secure the future of deprived communities
  • » Promote implementation programs to generate self-employment opportunities in local areas; and
  • » Develop partnerships in micro/meso sectors

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News and Events

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    2019-08-04 - कर्मचारी छनौटको... [more...]
  • धितोपत्र दर्ता तथा निष्काशन नियमावली
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  • Unaudited Financial Quarterly Report
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    2019-06-14 - Mahila Sahayatra... [more...]
  • संर्धष र सफलताको कथा
    2019-05-21 - ... [more...]
  • Global Award for Women's Empowerment
    2019-04-01 - Winners of “Princess Sabe... [more...]
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Apply for a Loan

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Interest in entrepreneurship and livelihood activities.

  • Experience in client-proposed business.

  • Clear business plan showing how the loan will be invested.

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