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March 19, 2019.

To the readers, our promoters, shareholders, NRB, Banks and all our stakeholders, I am extremely happy to start this page with the announcement of Mahila Sahayatra being the 1st Term recipient of the Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, Bahrain’s Global Award for Women’s Empowerment for the Private Sector with US $ 100,000given at the 63rd CSW, UN (New York) for the institutionscommendable efforts in economically empowering 30,000 women in the remotest region of Nepal. Within the history of 6 years of operation of microfinance in the most difficult area, Mahila Sahayatranot only managed to identify itself as a unique microfinance program that links credits with entrepreneurship in Nepal but is able to stand out at the Global level winning the Award. The Award comes as a recognition of the Institutions commitment and devotion in bringing tangible entrepreneurial change among its women clients no matter where they live and work. Sahayatra acknowledges support from all sectors in being able to stand up to its purpose and be recognized at the international level. We at Mahila Sahayatra would like to thank all its supporters in its mission to economically empower women in the mountains and inaccessible areas and enhance their enterprises.




The Global Award came to us when we have reached 28,500 clients through 26 branches in 17 districts ( 5 in Makwanpur, 5 in Rolpa, 3 in Rautahat, 2 each in Rukum, Salyan,Parsa, 1each in Nuwakot, Surkhet, South Lalitpur, Dolakha, Ramechhap, Nawalparasi and Dang) and have an outstanding of Rs 1.05 billion lend to 17011 loanees and have a total of Rs 228. Million savings.  While it also have a NPL of 2.45 % despite efforts to bring it down, we were able to purchase 2 ropani land in Chitlang before the end of 2018 and also provide 8% dividend in cash to its promoters and share holders. To date the institution has given Dividend of 10%, 5% and 8% respectively in the last 3 years. It has received the Challenge of Fund of Rs. 47. 76 million from DFID for setting 5 branches mid-west and to link microfinance with enterprise development service.


It has certainly struggled its way to success in its 6 years of operation in the most difficult and remote areas on the country’s mountains and 2 tarai districts.  As I write this, Center Chief representatives of nearly 9, 000 clients in the mid-west are assembling to share their entrepreneurship journey and products exhibitions in each branch locations. At this moment, to refresh the history of the 6 years it would be appropriate to chronicle the progress achieved to date here:


2013 –  established head office in Chitlang inaugurated by the Governor and opened 3 branches and reaching 1200 clients and disbursed Rs 25 million and become an institution with 30 staff. The norms of microfinance is set on ground and on paper.


2014 – saw total of 8 branches, 1900 clients with Rs 88 million outstanding and a team of 34 staff and NRB/Central Bank inspected and gave positive reports on its progress. Sahayatra developed links with PUM of Netherland for technical support,and collaborated with KISAN of USAID and UNDP’sMEDEP  program and received researchers from Cornell and Lafayette Universities -  Rafael Gonzales and YukiPoudel and intern of SumanaParui from Cimmyt.


2015 – 13 branches established in 8 districts reaching 7940 members with 19 crores outstanding. IPO (Initial Public Offering) to public for Rs 33 million but 2.6 billion subscribed, a good sign only after2.5 yrs of operation. However, the bad news is the earthquake –epicentered in Gorkha and Dolakha affected 1400 households of Mahila Sahayatra directly in Nuwakot, Dolakha, Makwanpur and Bhattedanda. We could only give Rs 1000 to 1500 households as relief support. Furthered by the trade blockade imposed by India that affected the livelihoods of people in getting necessities, crippled many clients enterprises and NPL went to 3.2% from 0.2 year before. Reaching the remote areas was made very difficult.


2016 – Sahayatra takes the approach to enterprise support to client and focus on the use of the credits for a purpose stimulated by a fact that the 1.8 million women with Rs 300 billion outstanding have no listed women producing our daily needs. So processing, labelling, mechanisation, climate change sensitivities brought through new credit products and links developed with Cimmyt and NAMEA and Sakchayam partnered to set up 5 branches in  mid-west – Amra, Aathbiskot, Thabang, Khungri and Botechaur.


2017 – 20 branches established in remote areas of 11 districts, 14,600 clients, 8200 borrowers. Defection of clients, abuse of credits and multiple lending becomes a big challenge to the sector. Sahayatra’s reaching the unreached areas also affected by multiple lending due to over licensing of MFIs that have already been reached. Sahayatra signs MOU with Sakchyam in Thabang with BaljitBohraand also introducedBerendina Model of Enterprise Development Service (EDS) to its clients – getting skills to enhance enterprises of clients. Collaboration with LIBIRD in Salyan.First bonus dividend of 10% to promoters and shareholders.

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