Loan Products

Mahila Sahayatra offers a variety of loans to accommodate the diversity of its members’ initiatives. These loans are intended to enable clients to expand their agricultural and farm business, acquire technology, or to start retail and service businesses. A sample of our loan products include:


  • Vegetable farming (e.g. asparagus, tofu, mushrooms, mustard oil)
  • Horticulture
  • Animal husbandry 
  • Mechanization technology
  • Innovative new methods
  • Transportation (e.g. bicycle)
  • Street vendoring
  • Handicrafts
  • Papermaking and stationery
  • Waste management (e.g. fertilizer production)
  • Tailoring boutiques
  • Beauty parlours
  • Crafts (e.g. soap, candle, incense making)
  • Energy Production (e.g. biogas, briquettes)


Please note that this list is not conclusive and that clients are welcome to approach staff members with their unique proposals. The member requests a loan with guarantees from their household and their group (if applicable), which is reviewed and approved or denied by bank staff. 


Minimum Eligibility Requirements


  • Low economic background and willing to improve livelihood conditions
  • A demonstrated history of involvement in the proposed business
  • Willingness to undertake livelihood/entrepreneurship activities.
  • A clear plan/scheme of the project to undertake and how loan funds will be invested
  • Nepali citizenship
  • Age not exceeding 60 years or retirement age at the time of payment of the final installment. However, if there is a guarantor of undivided family and the income of the guarantor is sufficient to repay the installment(s), this clause may be waived


Loan details are adjusted on an individual basis depending on the nature of the business being supported. In general, loans may be given for a  6 month cycle or for a short period targetting a window of opportunity (e.g. vending at festivals). Loans use either groups or an individual's assets as collateral. Clients may choose from the following repayment schedules to suit the nature of their business. Please note interest is paid every month, regardless of the repayment schedule chosen.

Equal Monthly Installments

The loan is repaid in equal instalments every 30 days, starting from loan disbursement


Every 2 Months

The loan is repaid in equal instalments every two months, starting from loan disbursement


Every 3 Months

The loan is repaid in equal instalments every 3 months, starting from loan disbursement


6 Months Grace

The client is given a grace period of 6 months from first disbursement, after which the client begins paying equal monthly instalments.


Loan Details

Loan repayments are made at intervals of 30 days after first disbursement. A 2% service charge on the total loan amount is applied and is paid when the loan instalment is first disbursed. If repayments are not made on time, a 2% penalty on the overdue amount is applied. Clients that pay back the entirety of their loan amount before the agreed upon repayment schedule are subject to a 1% penalty if within the first six months of disbursement, and a 0.5% penalty if repaid after six months of disbursement.

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Apply for a Loan

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Interest in entrepreneurship and livelihood activities.

  • Experience in client-proposed business.

  • Clear business plan showing how the loan will be invested.

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