Mahila Sahayatra (MSMBSL) encourages its members to save regularly as part of a process to build up client assets. It offers the following deposit services to all its members, regardless of whether they are borrowers or not.


1.Compulsory Saving(CS):

This is mandatory Savings and Members must be compulsory deposit Rs. 200 per month. Members earn 6% interest on these savings. The clients can withdraw the amount from this saving  when they are droup out from the group.


2.Personal Saving (PS):

This is the voluntary saving product offered to all its clients. A client can open his/her account with a Zero balance.  Clients earn 6% interest on this saving. She/he can deposit in this account any amount and any time of office hour or center meeting.when Member has surplus and withdraw from this account as per his/her needs.


 3.Education/ Pension Saving(EPS) :

Provides security for members in their later years. Savings are made for at least 15 years. Sahayatra matches the monthly deposits made by the member . The members of Mahila sahayatra can open Pension saving account for the period of 15 years. Pension savers are required to deposit Rs. 100 or multiple of 100 per month for agreed period. The maximum amount that can be deposited monthly by a client is Rs. 1000. if a client saves 500 Rs in a month, Sahayatra will double it to 1000 Rs. If the member does not take the principal after 15 years, Sahayatra will provide a monthly pension worth 5 times the amount saved and matched (by Sahatyatra) amount. 


4.Motherhood saving (MS) :

This is the also voluntary saving product offered to all its Members for purposed of women and her child helps to future Problems. Member can deposit in this saving account minimum Rs100 amount and above as her wish .after six month saving can be withdraw from this account And also Motherhood loan provided basis of this saving and Clients earn 7% interest on this saving.


5.welfare fund (WF) :

This is the center fund when member are late in meeting than they are paid fine penalty that penalty amount are deposit in welfare fund. If the prize and donation Amount will be get by center than it is also can deposit in welfare fund. For the good center management( bye sitting mattress, pen, register) it can be used or withdraw by group decision. Center earn 6% interest on this Fund.


6.Consumption Deposit (CD):

This Deposit is based on Training for business development of member .for the training to member as basis of general loan & business loan from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 1,99,999 training coupan are provide Rs. 4,000  And Above Rs.2,00,000 coupan are provide Rs. 8,000 & Same amount consumption Deposit & consumption loan are automatically create. Member are deposit every month devide that amount. If member need or want to the Training than they can be used Rs.400 per coupan for besic Level training and the Rs. 800 per coupan for Advance Level training in various enterprise development , otherwise they can used the saving at the end of  loan installment payment . when member want to loan From Rs.50,000 to above General Or Business loan than it is compulsory deposited Consumption Deposit for maximum 2 years period & No Any interest rate .

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