Mahila Sahayatra encourages its members to save regularly as part of a process to build up client assets. It offers the following deposit services to all its members, regardless of whether they are borrowers or not.


General Savings Account

Includes members’ compulsory monthly savings, personal savings, and welfare (Upakaar Kosh) recipients. These accounts receive an 6% interest rate.


Pension Account

Provides security for members in their later years. Savings are made for at least 15 years. Sahayatra matches the monthly deposits made by the member – if a client saves 500 Rs in a month, Sahayatra will double it to 1000 Rs. If the member does not take the principal after 15 years, Sahayatra will provide a monthly pension worth 5 times the amount saved and matched (by Sahatyatra) amount. 

Stock Update

As of: 2018-09-20  15:00:00
Max Price 665.00
Min Price 645.00
Closing Price 645.00
Previous Closing 670.00
Difference (-25.00 )
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Apply for a Loan

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Interest in entrepreneurship and livelihood activities.

  • Experience in client-proposed business.

  • Clear business plan showing how the loan will be invested.

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