Laddu Ram Thapa

Name: Laddu Ram Thapa

Dishearted from Malaysia Laddu Ram Thapa returned his own homeland to do a productive business. He become a member in Mahila Sahayatra and obtain a loan and cultivated cabbage, cucumber and beans in 13 ropani. He earned Rs. 250,000 on this season, beside his main business as a carpenter.

Location: Chitlang

Total Loan Amount: 50,000

Loan Payback Period: 6 Month Repayment

Stock Update

As of: 2019-01-21  15:00:00
Max Price 561.00
Min Price 550.00
Closing Price 550.00
Previous Closing 561.00
Difference (-11.00 )
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Eligibility Criteria:
  • Interest in entrepreneurship and livelihood activities.

  • Experience in client-proposed business.

  • Clear business plan showing how the loan will be invested.

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